1. Being as I now see this every day, it was pretty stupid of me to forget that I hadn’t shared it. It’s my desktop background and I made it, and hopefully it uploads in full resolution. 1920-1080px. I promise that I didn’t use filters! Ever!

    EDIT: Nope, doesn’t look very full resolution to me. TTTUUUUUUMBLR

  2. 'We weren't supposed to destroy the entire Earth, you idiot! Now we're going to lose our jobs!'

    'Well then, there's no point in going home. Let's just stay here and watch TV.'

    'There is no more TV! You've destroyed it all!'


    …Just another day in the life of some aliens. Today I tried drawing the comic big in non-antialiasing pencil, shading it then shrinking it to 50%. The result is pretty ‘mehhhooh nope’, if you’d compare it to the first alien comic. I also did lasers which are pretty redeeming.

  3. After a whole lot of Nothin’, I did this picture of the Pringles guy and I thought “someone might appreciate this. No one doesn’t like Pringles”. I promise that I didn’t apply effects or filters.

  4. Snow: dainty chaos for your infrastructure since the beginning of society itself. Kids love it!

  5. DOUBLE EDIT! Still no text. I saved it with the wrong format. Sorry if it’s spamming you. Must definitely fix brain.

    EDIT: Hahaha… I don’t know if you get two notifications, but I posted it without voice text… My brain lately… Hahaha. Too much Tekkit!

    Coal!… I’m still addicted to Tekkit, let’s just leave it at that. The fascination is steadily wearing off, however.

    So, it’s nearly the end of the world, apparently! Assuming that we’re ignoring all of that shite about whatever calendar the people were using at the time. I can’t imagine a reasonable end-world scenario as of today, at least being scientifically reasonable. Pphhhhh… Maybe Chuck Norris punches a man so hard in the face on that date, that the Mayans felt it? Would that destroy the world? Well…

  6. Aliens. This joke went to shit when I took out the punchline and replaced it with a picture of me having a negative opinion of Hannah Montana. Basically it was meant to be that the only reasonable explanation for such bad, mindless TV would be that they’re government funded and transmitting to a load of aliens, who are parked in orbit of Earth, charging their death rays, while mindlessly fixated with Hannah Montanathon or Homes under the Hammer or some shit.

    Speaking of which, this comic is bad and I’ve not been posting because my friends introduced me to Minecraft Tekkit, which is meth to anyone who likes to build machines and systematically annihilate the landscape. As anyone who draws may know, not drawing causes one to lose their touch, very very fast.

    On a lighter note, I’ve been working on something that might interest any Pokemans fans; I’m sure that if you’re into your Pokemen and your comics, then you’ve probably heard of Nuzlocke and been on his website. I’m a big fan and it’s an awesome idea, so like many before me I’m also doing it. I haven’t posted yet, but when I do, it’ll be a decent amount of content to get it going. Also, the art style is the same as the last panel on this comic, so its nice. Fistpump!

  7. The Moon! Putting it plainly. The Moon don’t take shit from no one. Except from Earth. I’d bet that not a night goes by without regretting that marriage. I mean… The Earth, of all things to orbit. What a mess… If I were the Moon I’d meteorite that dirty bitch right in the face.